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The File Synchronization Blues: DropBox to the Rescue!

Posted by Navdeep Singh Dhillon

You initially bought an iPad to read e-books, watch movies, and generally keep yourself entertained while traveling. Then you got a stylus or a keyboard and dorked out. You never thought you would use your smartphone for anything writing related, but have discovered the awesomeness of writing apps like Pages, a Novel Idea, and Notes to jot down outlines or ideas of what you'll be writing about.

You write primarily on your laptop or desktop, using a simple wordprocessor, or a specialized writing app like Scrivener or Final Draft. Now, instead of spending your time thinking about plot, character development, and the dramatic lines of dialogue your character will utter, you’re spending your writing session on technical things. You’re constantly emailing yourself files from one device to another, and more than once, accidentally updated a file, only to realize you just replaced a newer file with an older one!

So what’s the solution for these technical writing blues? Hands down, a service called Drop-Box, which we have nothing but great things to say about. As much as we like iCloud for keeping our calendars and mail synchronized between our apple devices, we can’t share anything, and it is annoying to use on anything not a mac. We’ve tried a host of other services and the only other one we liked in theory, was Google Cloud, but the whole personalized ads based on what is meant to be private content left us feeling a bit uncomfortable. Drop-Box is the Mac Daddy of the file synchronization products. The best part about drop-box is it comes with 2GB completely free, and you can get extra space by doing pretty simple tasks that I’ll detail below. This amount of space is more than enough for the purposes of a writer and you can add a good amount of e-books and a limited amount of photos and videos if you’re traveling. Without bogging down this post with screenshots and bullet points, here’s a video that tells you exactly how their service works:

1) After you sign up for your free account using our referral link: http://db.tt/pOWVp9Yd, you will have an additional 500MB. So your initial space will be 2.5gigs, rather than a flat 2 gigs.

2) To earn almost 1 gig of extra space (on top of the initial storage) for doing simple tasks like going through their tutorial, connecting with them on FB and twitter, visit https://www.dropbox.com/gs

Now that this whole tech thing is taken care of, how many words are you writing today? 

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